Greedy (by LYFE )

Greedy (by LYFE )

[1st Verse:]
See I'm a wanted man barely living in these streets
Since child support saw fit to put out a warrant on me
Say I owe 'em 65 hundred and they want they money
And it's so funny 'cause they know
I ain't got that kinda dough
Like it's my fault that she got on welfare
I told her we can go half on the similac and the daycare
But no, she got comfortable at the bottom and wanted to stay there
And I don't know how this gonna turn out so ya'll keep me in your prayers

Oh, this crazy, lazy lady
Is using this baby for revenge and money
And I don't think it's funny that she plays the innocent mother
When it's the other way around
She ain't needy
She greedy

[2nd Verse:]
They say when I start back working they gonna take all my dough
And then they wonder well what the hell I ain't working fo'
All of this attention on tis' boy 'bout some back child support
When they killing each other by the dozens everyday just for sport
With bills stacked up to his chinny-chin-chin summoning him to court
Then all of his friends call him a worry-wart
Now all the money they gave her, I gotta give it back
Like I was the one living rent free and getting food stamps

Say it again ya'll Get your own Ma
Get your own Ma
You just greedy


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